Going Cruelty-free!

Being an animal advocate, I became aware of the horrors of animal testing and this made me change some of the products I was using. If you want to learn more about animals being tested for cosmetics and other products, you can check out this link –> Animals Used For Experimentation

I wanted to share some of the stuff I bought that are cruelty-free and are available here in the Philippines. This post is in no way paid for. I am just here to raise awareness 🙂

For my hair products haul, I am currently using Human Heart Nature’s Natural Strengthening Shampoo in Soothing Aloe, Natural Moisturizing Conditioner in Lush Vanilla and the Smoothing Hair Serum.


I personally love the Smoothing Hair Serum. I really does wonders! Apply it to the tips of your hair and it gives it a bit of shine. It’s also great for styling a day-old hair, especially when curling those ends.

As for the beauty haul, I changed most of the items on my kit. For a list of cruelty-free cosmetics that are available here in the Philippines, I found a blog post by Gale Loves Colors that you can check out.


– Mega Protein Mascara by Wet n Wild
– Wine Room Lipstick by Wet n Wild
– Eye Brow Kit by e.l.f.
– Eyeshadow Quad in Butternut by e.l.f.
– Flower Lip Liner Pencil by NYX
– Eyelid Primer by e.l.f.

Most of them are from e.l.f., then I also bought stuff from Wet n’ Wild and NYX. My favorite has got to be e.l.f’s eyeshadow quad in Butternut. Whenever i’m running late and need a little shine on my eyes, I quickly dab some of this stuff on my eyelids using my fingertips. It works as an everyday-eyeshadow, small and very affordable 🙂

If you want to know which ones are cruelty-free, you may check their descriptions. They usually have a logo like the one below that says “No Animal Testing” has been done.


I hope this helps you in choosing your beauty products next time. Going natural and cruelty-free can already help animals that are victims of experimentation. As much as I can, I try not to support companies that do testing, for animals are not ours to wear.

If you also want to go cruelty free, here are some links that can help you 🙂
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