The Reality of Manila Zoo

They say a photo is worth a thousand words. This time, I would let the photos speak for themselves. I visited Manila Zoo recently, because I wanted to see for myself the sad state the animals are in.




Ma’ali and her spectators.







This fella right here has a broken right arm.


People feeding the monkeys.


A mother and her baby.






Nothing but a wall that separates them from the bustling streets outside, noise and fumes entering.


A hebra peeks, the moment visitors came in.



Deers walking under the absurd heat of the sun.




Manila Zoo is always crowded with families, children, and students on field trips. I cannot help but feel sad whenever people make indistinctive sounds just to call out the attention of some animals, for them to get their photo op.


Even though they’re not out in the wild, staying together is still crucial in this setting.





The lonely hippo.



Majestic tigers caged in small areas.




Some tigers are divided in areas such as this.



The lions of Manila Zoo.




Sheep resting on shady areas.






A visit to the Deparo Dog Shelter

Before having my birthday, I was already planning on donating to a charity. I even considered those online sites where they let you donate your birthday to one of their charities but I just couldn’t find the one I was looking for. My birthday then had passed and I was given support by my family of my advocacy. I care deeply for dogs as to why I looked for dog pounds/shelters to donate to until I found out about the Deparo Shelter.

I joined facebook groups about Philippine Animal Welfare and learned that some rescued dogs were taken to the Deparo Shelter and thus, finding the shelter I would donate to.


I bought 2 sacks (20kg each) of dog food, 5 food bowls, 2 Shampoos and 1 e-collar for the shelter (didn’t get to take a picture of it). We did have quite a hard time looking for the shelter. We were already going back and forth but thanks to Ms. Sonia for the help and Ate Linda for meeting us, we reached the place.

We were given a chance to visit the furbabies inside and I did not miss the opportunity of sharing my experience in meeting the doggies. As we were walking to the compound, we could already hear the dogs barking in excitement. I was guessing it’s not everyday they see visitors, and we were welcomed with wagging tails.


This fella right here was the most jolly of them all


Ate Linda was the caretaker of the shelter. She is taking care of 30 dogs as of now, and it was nice to know that most of them run freely around the area unlike dog pounds where the dogs are caged all the time. There were a few dogs caged too but these dogs are still adapting to the environment and we don’t want them fighting don’t we?



This one below is “Scout”. He was found in the Scout area and was rescued all of his fur gone. I found out about him when one person reported his state. I also donated for his vetting and I am really glad the he is safe now.



I was told that this little baby right here was found near a drainage

It’s sad that there are people who abuse animals for fun also when people abandon their dogs just because they are already of no use to them. This is why people should learn about responsible pet ownership. Every dog in Deparo has their own story, all of these stories are quite heartbreaking.

This poor thing right here was treated unfairly by people as to why she lost her right eye

The furbabies of Deparo are dogs that were rescued by Mr. Ronald De Castro. All of these babies are up for adoption and I encourage people to adopt instead of buying because of the growing number of strays in the country. Again, they are still capable of the same love as pets you get from shops.




My short visit to Deparo was still a great experience. All of the people who helped these dogs deserve all the good things in this world. Thank you for building a shelter and giving them another chance in life. They would love it if you visit their furbabies too. If you are interested in adopting a dog please do not hesitate to check their group and contact them on facebook. They also accept donations whether be it monetary or in kind. Please help the dogs of Deparo find their forever homes.


Other Animal Welfare groups:

DAWG (Dogs Are Worth Gold)

PAWA (Philippine Animal Welfare Association)

Hope For The Strays PH


Thank you for having me! Until next time!

For my 100th post I present my own domain ! *throws confetti*
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Hollywood, a set on Flickr.

Who wouldn’t recognize that big sign up a hill that says “Hollywood”. We went up to the Griffith Observatory Park to witness the majestic view of Los Angeles. At nightime, Hollywood is still alive with all its lights. We saw Hollie and Joshua from American Idol 11 walking around but they were about to cross so I couldn’t take a picture. Yes, first celebrity encounter of the trip lol and of course, the hollywood walk of fame!. We also entered Ripley’s Believe it or Not. There were alot of weird and interesting stuff inside.

A Very Potter Debut

It has been a tradition here in our country to celebrate 18th birthdays. Like in the US, sweet 16 is celebrated. I went for a unique approach on celebrating my 18th. Harry Potter themed that is.

For the invitations, I tried to copy the Hogwart’s acceptance letter. If you want customized locks like this, Recto is the place for alot of choices.

For the gown, I tried to imitate Hermione’s Yule Ball Dress….

and had it in brown….

Gown by Frederick Alba of FSA atelier, Timog, Q.C.

The Photobooth’s backdrop was “Platform 9 3/4” which gave a very HP feeling on every photo. I’m glad that my friends enjoyed the photobooth. All thanks to Manhattan Photobooth 🙂

The Cupcakes were totally fab. I’m a culinary arts student but the cupcakes Made by Paire looked stunning. Man that’s hard to make.

For the giveaways, we gave wands. See those long boxes?

A party won’t be fun if there’s no alcohol, loljk. But thanks to Booze Bumps for keeping my friends happy with their Mocktails and Cocktails lol

This wouldn’t be all possible too if it weren’t for my parents 🙂 so I’m very thankful. I really didn’t want a debut but because of them I did, and if I didn’t, I’d sure be missing a lot.

(photo credits: Abigail Olaco, Clove Arellano, Photoboothrental Philippines)