Ikigai Kakigori: Japanese Shaved Ice

Summer is lingering around the corner and you may be in the search for a place to hang out that serves cold treats. Let me share one of my go-to places that has become my favorite dessert place.

Ikigai Kakigori Cafe is located at the Pos building at Sct. Madriñan, just along Tomas Morato and beside Il Terrazzo. You may not find it as you drive along because it is situated inside the building and parking might be a problem on busy nights.

You might wonder what a “Kakigori” is. Well, it’s a popular japanese shaved ice dessert almost similar to the filipino’s halo-halo. What sets this dessert apart from other shaved ice desserts is its thin and luminous ice, much like snow already. A special machine is used to achieve this snow-like ice. It is drizzled with syrup and comes with different flavors.

Sorry for the low quality photos for I was only using my phone.

Kurumitsu Kakigori (Php 240)


Kurumitsu is almost like a brown sugar syrup. This Kakigori comes with ice cream, mochi and red beans. You can request for more syrup if you want too. I got the big sized one expecting to share with my boyfriend, but he wanted another flavor so I finished it alone.

Chocolate Kakigori (Php 180)


My boyfriend wanted his own Kakigori haha so he got the chocolate one. It comes with vanilla ice cream and brownie bits, then drizzled with chocolate syrup. Coco crunch cereal awaits in the middle as you dig in. This one is perfect for kids.

Matcha Kakigori (Php 190)


This Kakigori is just lovely! As a Matcha lover, I was amazed by how the matcha flavor was just perfect, not less and not too much. In terms of Matcha, you really need to put the appropriate amount for it can sometimes over power. This comes with matcha ice cream, matcha flavored mochi, red beans and a match flavored syrup (yes the syrup is green!).

They also had a Mango Kakigori (Php 180) in which I couldn’t take a picture of. It has mango ice cream, fresh mango bits and nata de coco.

Imagine I had to finish the huge Kurumitsu Kakigori on my own while my boyfriend enjoys his solo Chocolate Kakigori.

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What I love about Ikigai Kakigori is that one Kakigori treat is beautifully crafted. I couldn’t imagine how they put the toppings carefully in that huge mountain of snow-ice. They also have homemade ice cream which is a plus. If ever you’re in the area, it is a must-try!


Ikigai Kakigori: 305 Pos building, Sct. Madriñan St, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila



WOFEX 2012

WOFEX (World Food Expo) is held annually in Manila where Chefs and aspiring Chefs come together. We were required to come and support our fellow schoolmates for they were competing. There were also alot of products sold, from equipment to food. Me and my friends feasted with “free tastes”. We were circling this Steak booth while they were cooking it. SMX became a food haven.

the Hungarian sausage was A+++ 🙂

There were a lot of interesting competitions too! Our school representative participated in Dress The Cake and she did a beautiful job. go enderun!

These are from another competition. It’s amazing how creative people can be.

Plating Category