For my 100th post I present my own domain katabelgas.com ! *throws confetti*
From the boring cobrakatship.wordpress.com, you can now access my blog through my new domain 🙂

I’ve also opened up a shop in Society6 please do check it out —> http://society6.com/katabelgas
It’s an easier way for me to sell prints of my photos and artwork. The latest artwork I did was my take on “The Girl With The Red Balloon” which was inspired by The Civil Wars’ song. Prints of this work are available too.

If there are certain photos on my blog that you’d like on print but not uploaded on my Society6, please don’t hesitate to send me an email at katrina.abelgas@gmail.com so I could post it there. I’m really thankful of Society6, for they do all the work for me.

I’m really looking forward to be posting more stories here, now that I have my own domain. I hope to see you on the upcoming posts!


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