Disconnected: Struggles and Truths

Last 2012, I made a short film entitled Terrible Things which won Best Film in our school’s film festival. This year, I got to join Anyo’s Film Festival again, but this time I tried to veer away from love stories.

Disconnected is a thriller-comedy about this generation’s reliance on the internet and social media. It focuses on a group of friends whose lives revolved around the different ways people made use of the internet. Things will start to go wrong as they become trapped inside a house without internet connection, thus disconnected from the outside world.

I’ve always wanted to do another short film ever since Terrible Things because I wanted to improve on the quality of my videos and also try and think of an interesting plot that would somehow make an impact. I focused on current problems and trends, and the issues of today’s generation gave me much interest. It’s funny how these days, almost everywhere we go, we would look for internet connection. I also noticed that kids younger than me, spend most of their time infront of a computer or in their phones, which made me realize how much technology changed us, so I asked myself “What would people do if they didn’t have internet connection?”

Writing the script took me actually two months to finish for I was too busy doing other school work. I couldn’t finish it in one go. But casting was one of my main problems in making this film. With the limited time we had, I couldn’t do auditions anymore or at least do script readings. I resorted to just assigning roles to people which I thought would suit them best. However, in the midst of the filming process, I had to cut off two people. Believe me when I say it was really hard to get people together on the same day. We kept postponing our shooting dates and it’s also quite sad to see the lack of interest and effort in people, as to why I had to cut some of them off. I was already in the midst of giving up that time, dropping the whole thing and leaving it unfinished (again). I then realized that I had something to prove, and I don’t know what that is exactly but I thought “I’ve come this far and I’m not going to fucking give up”. I didn’t want it to end up like my unfinished short film, One More Day. I tried to look for other people and thank god there were life-savers.

I discovered the true meaning of stress. I was shooting and editing by myself, add up all my other schoolwork and org obligations. It was one of those times when you really just wanted to cry because there’s too much stuff going on and somehow, something wrong happens and it screws up your whole plan. Caffeine was always present in my body during those weeks, I barely had time for myself for I kept thinking of what to do next. But that feeling, that glorious feeling of finishing the whole film made me think it was all worth it.

During the film fest, it was nice to see people laughing and enjoying the film, though it was somehow heartbreaking to see less and less people supporting our theatre org. It was just not the same anymore. The unity, the effort, and commitment…..it was just not there anymore. I really appreciated every single one who came by to see our films. Thank you for being awesome people and supporting our organization, giving us a bit of your time when you all have much more important things to do (like idk partying oooh snap) yea but seriously guys, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

I am also thankful for my marvelous cast and other people who helped in shooting. A lot of them surprised me with their acting. Charlene, was the most committed and kindest human being I’ve ever casted. Thank you also to Princess for giving us your time to do this film amidst all your other school work and curfews. I’ve never had problems with Jorelle too, he was able to play his role very very well in which he also won as the best actor. I am also thankful of AJ for being such a life-saver, he was most willing to do the role of emo guy when I was almost on the verge of quitting the whole film. Lastly, to Zarah for being there ever since day one of filming, also for saving the role of foodie when we didn’t have anyone on the day of shooting. Thank you to the other people who were generous enough to let me include them in the film, ย Angel and Andrei for letting me use their cute couple photos, to Kelvinn for being the Game Maker and to Jace for letting us use their house.

Winning Best Film again this year and being Best Director made me sigh in relief. All hard work paid off and dedication really goes a long way ๐Ÿ™‚ You can watch Disconnected here


Starring (based on appearance):

Princess Polo
Zarah Dagamam
AJ Ngo
Charlene Antinor
Jorelle Lamarroza

Shot using Canon 60D (EFS 18-135mm & 50mm lens)
GoPro Hero 3+ Black

Music used:
Monkeys Spinning Monkeys
Sneaky Snitch
Bumbly March
Spider Eyes
Private Reflection
by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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