Journey to the land down under

Last May I finally got to visit the land down under, Aussie country 🙂

We first visited Melbourne where our relatives were and we got to tour around the city. Federation square is a great place for artsy people, or if you just wanted to chill. It was filled with galleries and marvelous structures, cafes and restaurants. One thing I also noticed is that they take their coffee seriously, so move aside Starbucks. We also got to ride the tram around the city, and guess what, it was free! Bless Australia.

At night, Melbourne’s skyline can be seen by Crowne’s riverside together with a gas fire show.

We also went to Phillip Island and watched the famous penguin parade, where you can see the adorable little penguins coming out of the shore in groups as they travel up their little houses. Cameras weren’t allowed tho because it might scare them away. I experienced a severe existential crisis the moment I saw the majestic view in Phillip Island. The rock formations were amazing and the grass couldn’t be much greener. It was just like stepping into a postcard.

Check out my first Australia vlog! Journey to the Land Down Under.

After a week in Melbourne, we flew to Cairns. Seeing the Great Barrier Reef was the highlight of my trip. We stayed in Port Douglas where the sudden change of temperature left me comparing it to Manila. We met a fellow Filipino in the hotel we were staying at, and he was nice enough to drive us around the town.

We availed of the day tour to the Great Barrier Reef and it was like an hour boat ride to the ‘actual reef’. It was also a great experience to scuba dive! I couldn’t take my camera with me for it was my first time scuba diving. It was difficult at first because I was breathing through my mouth and it was really salty :I because well yea, sea water. It got more difficult as we got deeper and deeper, my ears were ringing, almost choking because of the struggle I was having with breathing in salty air. At the bottom, I got to touch a huge clam and it was funny because it twitches and closes whenever you touch the inside. Most of the people scuba diving would look for Nemo, and yes I saw a clown fish in its humble sea anemone home. In summary, it was a privilege to dive a world heritage site. I was very lucky to have seen the beautiful reef.

I got to take my camera with me when I snorkeled. Click here for my Great Barrier Reef Vlog.

Side rant: Let me just say that if you find yourself going to Cairns, please avoid Sun Palm Transport at all costs (But if you’re not, then okay ignore this long paragraph) The only thing that ruined my whole Cairns trip was this excuse of a transportation company. We booked airport transfers to and out of Port Douglas. Going there was fine, the driver was nice and we got to our hotel in a breeze. We also scheduled a transfer back to the airport at 3:30am because our flight was 6:00am. We were instructed to wait for the shuttle at 3:30am and so we did, 30 minutes had passed and still no shuttle. We couldn’t call the office because the front desk itself was closed until morning (I was not aware they do that). We called using our prepaid mobile, after countless calls that were not answered, alas they decided to pick up the phone! Guess what bullshit they gave us. They said that there was a problem in scheduling and they did not apparently record it (Take note everything was already paid for!) They only said sorry and called a taxi to pick us up, in which we also paid. So hello Sun Palm Transport if you’re reading this. I’m putting this up here. I would totally understand if it was just a mistake that you didn’t get to schedule our transfer, but cmon now, all you did was call a taxi for us. I tried to search the web, to understand if it was just us who experienced this, but NO we weren’t. Up to now we still do not have our money back, and that is a big deal for us because hello cheap person here lol. Please avoid this company if you don’t want the risk of encountering problems. ~end of rant

Spending 2 days in Port Douglas, we flew straight to Sydney for another two days before going back to Melbourne. We took the train and visited the town of Wyong. We went to this open field with kangaroos, and yes they were just there, no fences or anything. It was a field of wild kangaroos. A lot of them approached us once we got out of the car, but they were quite nice lol they would just smell you but as long as you don’t hurt them they won’t punch you haha. We only had a day to tour the city. I gotta say, Sydney is almost like New York, especially at night, but a little bit safer (I think). But hey, nowhere’s really safe nowadays. The Opera House was magnificent at night with all the cool projections and stuff.

When we got back to Melbourne, the last place we visited was Lorne. We were supposed to check out the Twelve Apostles but it was too far out so we only reached Lorne. It was a very peaceful town, and another place I’d like to live in.


All in all, this Australian trip was memorable. I’ve experienced the joys and downsides of being a tourist in a country that I was not familiar with (But I’ll get to that ultimate touristy story later). It was hard saying goodbye to such an awesome country and there were still so many places left to explore in Australia. I still have to go to Tasmania, Gold Coast and the Twelve Apostles. I cannot wait to come back.

Please do check out my Australia album on Flickr for more HD photos from this trip 🙂


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