You are what you love, not who loves you

I’m sorry for being MIA for the past few months. Summer has been crazy and I didn’t have time to write a proper blog post (more like I don’t have anything to write about anyway). I’ve been wanting to go to Fall Out Boy’s concert in San Francisco even before I started with my internship, so me and my friends planned our trip to fog city.

We stayed at the downtown part of San Francisco, Union City as they call it. Quite a scary place to stay in if you don’t know where to go. My suggestion if you ever get to this part of town is to not look so much of a tourist. As much as possible don’t keep your cameras dangling around your neck. Just look like you know the place.

We got to meet with our dear friend from school, Angela, who’s taking her internship in SF. Luckily, we had someone to show us around. I once read an article about the top 10 best burgers in america, and we got to try Super Duper Burger which runs top 3 on that list. The place was packed and the line was long so we decided to just eat at the nearby park, yes, on the ground. People were already giving us weird looks. Don’t care because we’re having the best burger of our lives.

What’s a San Francisco trip without visiting FIsherman’s wharf? Just like last year, we feasted on seafood! If you ever get yourself in Fisherman’s Wharf, you have to try clam chowder. YOU NEED TO. The clam chowder is served in a sourdough bread bowl which makes it more enjoyable to eat.

Before heading to the concert, we got to see the sea lions. I loved how foggy and gloomy that day was. Tip: If you’re walking along this area, do not carry food with you if you don’t want the seagulls to attack you lol

We arrived at the concert venue early, and the line already reached outside. I was ecstatic of course! This was Fall Out Boy. The band that saved me from the shit I’ve been through during high school. We secured a good spot by the bleachers. It was my first time watching a concert in another country, so I was somehow cautious of my actions. I still don’t know how they roll. SLRs weren’t allowed that time so I borrowed my friend’s camera. I’m sorry for the not-so-HQ photos 😦

Twenty One Pilots started off the concert, getting all people hyped up. I don’t really listen to them but after seeing them live, I might do.

Next up, Panic! At the DIsco. Now, I’ve been a fan of P!ATD for so long and I haven’t seen them live before. Brendon Urie sings beautifully live. My feelings exploded when they played “Nine In The Afternoon” because I seriously had my Pretty.Odd. phase when Ryan and Jon were still with the band. “Miss Jackson” live was also great and upbeat. Then of course, everyone sang along when they finished with “I Write Sins, Not Tragedies”.

Alas, Fall Out Boy! I was already feeling the euphoria after P!ATD performed, but the rush of excitement continued when the lights dimmed and the intro for “The Phoenix” started.

I loved it when they played “Alone Together” with pictures of unusual young couples in the background. It goes to show that no matter how different you are, love is still love.

I felt so infinitely happy that I cannot explicate my emotions further anymore. They played an acoustic set for “I’m Like a Lawyer…..” and “Grand Theft Autumn” it was magnificent.

I wanted to cry during “What A Catch, Donnie” (Yes, that’s where I got my blog name), followed by “20 Dollar Nosebleed” in which Brendon Urie showed up. You can imagine me going vdasfyegvybhasegyuahjbwvgesfhdbf because it was just like my highschool days when I listened to both of these bands and i’m now seeing them together on stage.

I’ve been also wanting to hear “Save Rock & Roll” live and it was hands down the best part of the concert. Everyone was singing along as they also show notable musicians in the background.

As always, they ended their set with “Saturday”, and it was depressing for I knew it was the last song, and I knew the fun also had to end. After the show I tried to battle my way in the merch table and I bought the tour shirt. I tried waiting for them outside the venue but I was with my friend so 😦

In summary, it was awesome going back to San Francisco, this time with friends and just exploring the city doing whatever you want. Now it’s back to reality. I still have one more month before I go back to Manila.

Title: “Save Rock & Roll”- Fall Out Boy


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