A Very Potter Debut

It has been a tradition here in our country to celebrate 18th birthdays. Like in the US, sweet 16 is celebrated. I went for a unique approach on celebrating my 18th. Harry Potter themed that is.

For the invitations, I tried to copy the Hogwart’s acceptance letter. If you want customized locks like this, Recto is the place for alot of choices.

For the gown, I tried to imitate Hermione’s Yule Ball Dress….

and had it in brown….

Gown by Frederick Alba of FSA atelier, Timog, Q.C.

The Photobooth’s backdrop was “Platform 9 3/4” which gave a very HP feeling on every photo. I’m glad that my friends enjoyed the photobooth. All thanks to Manhattan Photobooth 🙂

The Cupcakes were totally fab. I’m a culinary arts student but the cupcakes Made by Paire looked stunning. Man that’s hard to make.

For the giveaways, we gave wands. See those long boxes?

A party won’t be fun if there’s no alcohol, loljk. But thanks to Booze Bumps for keeping my friends happy with their Mocktails and Cocktails lol

This wouldn’t be all possible too if it weren’t for my parents 🙂 so I’m very thankful. I really didn’t want a debut but because of them I did, and if I didn’t, I’d sure be missing a lot.

(photo credits: Abigail Olaco, Clove Arellano, Photoboothrental Philippines)

10 thoughts on “A Very Potter Debut

  1. *Potterhead here! :D* Nice theme you’ve got there! I’m just curious how were you able to give them wands for souvenirs? I mean, where were you able to purchase those? You see, I’m also planning to have a Harry Potter themed debut, and I really find yours, AMAZING! That’s why when I saw this post, I became more eager to pursue a HP themed debut… Thank you in advance! 😀

    1. It’s a bit shorter and thicker than the real wand (the one sold in universal studios) and sorry that’s the only photo I have 😦

    1. Yes I did 🙂 but if you really want to stick to the theme you can always do something HP related, whatever floats your boat ^_^

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