This Song Saved My Life

What a great way to start off the year with Simple Plan’s concert. It’s the 2nd time that I’ve seen them. The first one was with New Found Glory. Me and Jackie got media coverage passes which also allowed me to use my SLR. That was my camera’s first actual battle. Singing to their songs, Jumping and taking pictures at the same time was hard. Good thing I was at the barricade on the left side and believe me my camera was really heavy but It was all worth it. I had fun. It was also my last concert on being 17 lol my birthday is next week omfg

Here are the shots I took. I’m kinda proud of them.

I gotta say that Simple Plan also played a big role in my life. Their songs helped me too. I love this band for trying to connect to their fans with their songs. The second time around, they still know how to put up an awesome concert.

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